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tv   Senator Rand Paul Calls Graham- Cassidy Health Care Bill Fake Repeal  CSPAN  September 26, 2017 1:26am-1:40am EDT

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general joseph dunford testifies before the senate armed services committee on his nomination to survey second term as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. c-span3, online on, and on our free c-span radio app. >> tuesday afternoon, former national intelligence director james clapper talks about his career in the intelligence community. live coverage from the george washington university in washington, d.c., beginning at 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. >> senator rand paul of kentucky told reporters that he remains the revised senate republican health care proposal referred to as the graham custody bill, saying the plan does not reveal the -- the graham cassidy bill, saying the plan does not repealed the aca.
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>> hello. hello. we've come to talk little bit about what we can do on health care. my opinion from the get go on the graham cassidy repeal is that it is fake repeal. it keeps ever 90% of the spending, 90% of the taxes, simply reshuffles the formula. i think that if we do this the end result will be we will have a food fight over the formula party takes over. i do not think there is a scenario where we get to any kind of stability in our country. i also think this is not the promise we made. i made a promise to repeal obama care. i went to rally after rally after rally. i never had one person come up and say, what you mean by repeal is that you're going to keep most of the spending and block grant the states. right? nobody said that. this is not repeal. this is not only is. i said over to the president
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over the weekend and vice president to, that we should done something. compromises is not getting anything i want. i want a complete repeal of obamacare. i won't get that. it might willing to cover my scratch markets. their parts of the bill i like. the expansion of health savings accounts, the waivers for governors, and we have to cap spending because we are broke. if they put those three things together, i am for it. i also continue to pursue an alternative to graham custody. i think my alternative works better and it cost zero federal dollars. my alternative is to let individuals come together in a group, by entrance across state lines, and by group health association entrance. i have talked to the president multiple times and the secretary of labor. he assured me they can do this by executive action.
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by reinterpreting existing statutes. we don't need congress. it we do those things we do a lot. i do not think we should give up. onernors waivers, put caps titles we can agree to and let people buy insurance across state lines to help associations. those four things went significantly alter the equation of what we have now and it would be a big help. list person. i've yet to find a democrat, not wind up dead in the senate has come up to me and said "we are absolutely against help associations." most are actually open-minded. with that it will take some questions. >> any bills that still have some book grants in it? >> i think i have offered the compromise i think would be the best compromise. let's narrow the focus of the bill to something we can all agree to. to my mind the compromised is not include the block grants. >> what happens if the republicans failed to pass this bill by october 1?
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what happens in? >> of obamacare continues to implode. obamacare is a disaster. we have insurance companies fleeing. they blame should attach to those who voted for obamacare. it does not work. it is a disaster in the individual market. it is extraordinarily expensive. i think it will die a grisly death in the next six months-one year. the republicans want to bill it out with more subsidy money. i want to replace it with freedom of choice to buy what you want, when you want, from whomever you want. >> i can you repeal it later if democrats are in the senate? ask every year there is a budget -- >>iliation, so if you every year there is a budget reconciliation. there are things you can do in a bipartisan way. one of the things we can do is help associations. letting people by insurance
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across state lines. like i say, think there is a compromise that can be achieved even with democrats. >> what did the residence a to you? what did theon is, president say about supporting graham cassidy. what was his response was more >> you know, we had a friendly conversation. we only separately covers asians. i've never had a cross word with a president. we always have friendly conversations. i have never had a crossword with the president. i spoke with secretary price as well. >> what did you make of the updated formula that came out of senators who may or may not but for this bill? >> unseemly. if you are going to say the
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whole country is short of money, which we are and that we have to reform medicaid, which we do, everybody should get the same ring. why would anybody think that equal reduction under the law was that one state got cap's and the other did not. get the opposite, i visit republicans every time i am home and the response i'm getting from them as they want someone to stand strong on the deficit is how much debt our country in crime. the deficit is driven by an entitlement. if we vote for graham cassidy, republicans will have their in premature on a trillion dollars of spending. i think if you want for this bill, you put your stamp of approval on a trillion dollars worth of obamacare spending which we do not have. they will say it is better against the baseline.
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nobody at home believes any of this baseline stuff. less.elieve more or we will spend more money or less. overall, we keep spending more money every year. the deficit keeps rising. >> if graham cassidy is not passed, can you support [indiscernible-- ] -- >> i guess there's no reason you cannot do more than one thing. androles get very technical arcane as to whether or not they will allow more than one issue to be in a bill but i do not think there is any reason you could not address at least some of the issues in the tax bill as well. but the thing is, this was thrown together in a slipshod way. who would say we would vote on one trillion of grants without even the cbo looking at it and without open hearings. people on the left say it cost some states to be in dollars and
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the other side says, know your state gains 500 million. what is the truth? the way to get to the truth is asked questions, read the bill, get to some truth. i think the truth is still working and uncertain as to what this bill does or does not do. i'd you said you would -- >> you on points said that you would compromise. >> i wanted to let them know how accommodating i was and that i was willing to vote for -- if you count four or five aspects of the bill, i am for like four out of five. i am just not for a three dollar grant program that keeps most of the obamacare spending. i don't believe health care is easily ask about. it is terribly broken. it was broken before obamacare. obamacare made it worse. just because you say it is going to the states does not automatically make it better. in general, our decisions better
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the state level? yes. but it is not a guarantee you will ask health care even at the state level. it is terribly written. if you do this, when the 2018 election rolls around, republicans believe they will be punished if they don't do something. in front of my said it is like a kidney stone, pass it. passive. but you have to make sure it is going to work. i have a strong feeling in 2018 everything is still going to be in disarray even if you pass this. that disarray, who will be blamed? they people who now own health care which will be the republicans. i think it is actually better to continue to monitor the downward death spiral of obamacare and try to see it finally will get enough publicans with enough courage to do it they promised. he did not promise to block obamacare, they promised to repeal it. maybe we can get a stiffer spine as they see obamacare unraveling.
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>> what is your conversation senatorator cruz and lee about getting on board with ] -- [indiscernible >> a lot include buying across state lines. on the specifics of graham cassidy you will have to ask them what they are for him against but i have voiced my opinion to both the caucus and everybody who will listen that this is not repeal. you prepared to wear that moniker? >> i do not think there has been a louder opponent of obamacare the country and i feel confident voters can make an informed decision of who is foreign to his against. some might say, you are trying to be too pure but i have voted for several compromises. the 2015 repeal i forced him to
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vote on. that was a compromise, not a complete repeal. the skinny repeal, that was not a complete repeal. the reason i cannot vote for graham cassidy as i believe it represents republicans excepting $1 trillion with of obamacare spending. people of different opinions but that is my opinion that we dollars,trillion reshuffling, to get from democrat to republican states and i do not the gleefully fixed the problem. thank you everybody. thank you. >> thank you. ♪ journal,'s washington live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up tuesday morning, michigan republican congressman theusses tax reform and efforts to reform the nation's air traffic control system.
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and our capitals states tour continues. talking about top public policy issues and maryland. then ohio democratic congresswoman marcy kaptur on u.s. negotiations and manufacturing. be sure to watch live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on tuesday morning. discussion. >> tomorrow, marine corps general joseph dunn's ford testifies before the senate armed services committee on his nomination to serve a second term as chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. watch on c-span3, online at c-span or, and on our free c-span radio app. >> tuesday afternoon, former national intelligence offered -- james clapper talks about his career. live from the george washington
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university only at school of international affairs at 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> c-span studentcam video competition is in full swing. this years theme is the constitution and you. we're asking students to choose the constitution and make a video illustrating why it is important. open for students grade 6-12. students can work alone or in groups of up to three to produce video.inute include c-span programming and opposing opinion. 100 thousand dollars will be awarded in cash prizes. the grand prize of $5,000 will go to the student or team with the best entry. deadline is january 18, 20 18. for more information go to our .ebsite, >> congress is expected to take up the children's al


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